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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Wed 5th May 2010 - Fort Victoria, Yarmouth.

Another visit to West Wight for us this week, helping the rangers Richard and Nick at Fort Victoria Country Park. As the slipway can be a bit difficult for access on occasions, a flail had been brought in to provide a second access to the beach. Our task was to spread a thicker amount of limestone along the path, and at the end nearest the beach to widen the drainage ditch, fill with chippings then back fill with soil to improve the draining and run off along the path. There was further work on some of the paths to improve access, a litter pick and finally some step building. Some way along the beach the original footpath has fallen away leaving a dangerous drop on one side. Two barrows containing stakes, wood, drills and other tools were carried around 200 yards along the beach, and a new route identified for us to build some more steps, and the images show before and after views. This will not only improve the access, but also when the rangers do their circular walks with schools and younger visitors, it will bypass the steep drop and improve the safety of the route.

A big thank you to Carrie for the above text and photographs.

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