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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Wed 11th Feb 2009 - Nansen Hill, Ventnor.

A return to Nansen Hill was this week’s task, although this time we were working at the bottom instead of clinging to the top. Green Gymmers numbering 25 turned up on a beautiful, crisp sunny morning, joining rangers Nick and Richard for the tasks at hand. This was clearing blackthorn and buddleia, to continue the regeneration of the natural grassland by letting in the light. Although very attractive to butterflies in your garden, in this particular area Buddleia is invasive and swamps the natural flora and fauna.

Carrie's Nature Lesson - Buddleia are native to north western China and Japan and is also called summer lilac. As well as butterflies, they are also attractive to bees and humming birds, with showy 4” to 10” long upright or nodding racemes. The common colour is lilac with orange in the throat, and available in pink, red, purple and white. Bloom time is from mid to late summer until frost, and many of the flowers are sweetly fragrant. The plant was named after the Reverend Adam Buddle, who was a botanist and a rector is Essex, England.
Many thanks to cub reporter Carrie for the editorial and photographs.

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