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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Wed 12th Dec 2007 - Afton Marsh.

Our GG task this week was cutting back the much overgrown willow that has taken over large areas of Afton Marsh. The morning started cold and frosty - which initially helped us to keep our wellies on. As the morning warmed up and our many tracks to and from the bonfire took their toll, we soon found out just how boggy that whole area can be....! Several people took a tumble and ended up with a mud beauty (?) treatment and the odd wellie boot stuck in the mud as the owner's foot moved on. All in all good progress was made and a considerable area was cleared in readiness for the rangers to pull the willow tree roots out. Some additional work was carried out on the water channel and drain that was running from a spring - this should reduce the flooding on the footpath that cuts through this area.

Reminder..! Next week is the final one for 2007 and will be held at our traditional Christmas breakup site - Shide Quarry. Please remember to bring along your presents for the Xmas lucky dip (presents should be around £1 in value) and don't forget your Green hats. I am sure if you have a few mince pies etc going spare then the Green Gym Gannets will be able to make them disappear in a very short time..!

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