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Thursday, 23 August 2007

Wed 22nd Aug 2007 - Ventnor Botanical Gardens.

A visit to Ventnor Botanic Gardens was the job this week - I think they must do their best to find really difficult jobs for us, but of course we always rise to the challenge...!!!!!!!!!! An area along the costal path - named the Coastal Meadow - needed a large area of bank cleared to reveal old terraces which had been started some years ago. They were now completely covered in thick bramble, blackthorn and nettles. Trish (from the Garden's staff) started us off with a hedge cutter as the path was fairly narrow and then we all got stuck in with saws, slashers and sheer hard work. It was amazing that once we had cleared the area about three common darter dragonflies appeared and we also saw several very large cabbage white butterflies and even a red admiral - certainly a real treat...!
The text and photographs were supplied by Carrie.......many thanks...!

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