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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Wed 11th April 2007 - Afton Marsh

Remember those pointless questions that we all used to do in maths at school.......if 1 person takes 3 days to move 6 tons of ballast.....then how long will it take.....??????????? Well - the answer is 6 tons in 45 MINUTES....when you get the Green Gym involved...! Richard, the Countryside Ranger, was astounded at the progress we made at turning a huge pile of ballast into a 3 foot wide path...see the attached pictures (thanks to Hilary). The path ran to the north from Blackbridge Road to where the footbridge crosses the stream. The dog walkers and joggers should now be able to keep their feet dry when the going gets wet. Other tasks undertaken included trimming overhanging branches and the removal of numerous sycamore saplings from alongside the footpaths. The weather today was almost like summer and someone was heard to say "Well if this is global warming - then keep it coming!"

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