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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wed 18th Nov 2009 - Cowes High School.

Cowes High School this week and another new site for us, with the pond warden amazed to see the large number of Green Gymmers who turned up. The big task was to re-profile their pond, which has suffered from having rubbish thrown into it when the gate was vandalised. As you can see from the images, this included a lot of wood, an old chair and several large lumps of concrete. This was all removed so we could uncover the edge of the lining and make a gentler slope around the edges so they were not so steep. We then replaced the liner and put all the removed earth and turf back on top. Other tasks were a litter pick on the site, which filled six large black bags; clearing a large area of bramble; and using the concrete blocks removed from the pond to block a gap underneath the fence. We then covered these with earth, so they could not be thrown back into the pond.

While clearing the site, we uncovered a very interesting pathway, and also two frogs, which were carefully moved to a safe place.

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