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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wed 7th Jan 2015 - Afton Marsh, Freshwater.

Carrie's "Action" Photographs.

Mark's Photographs.

Mud, Mud....glorious MUD...!

Habitat Piles.

Kevin, trying to look busy....

That's what you call a BONFIRE.

The reeds that we want to encourage.

Winter Heliotrope - a non native plant.

With turkey and tinsel long forgotten, come Wednesday morning it was back to business for Team GG. The numbers on the bathroom scales were starting to look a little "generous" so it was off to Afton Marsh and start working off those extra pounds! The pre-work briefing mentioned that we should only use the marked pathway through the reed bed due to "man eating quicksands" in the vicinity. Perhaps we should have worn wet suits rather than wellingtons...???  Fortunately, all the (numerous) GG members found their way through to the work area and were soon processing the pre-cut branches ready for burning on the bonfire. Nick, the Ranger,  had a roaring fire underway so everyone had to work extra hard to keep it fed. One of the problems of working in a marsh is that however firm it might appear to be underfoot initially, it soon turns into wellie grabbing mud! In spite of the somewhat adverse working conditions, the original small clearing quickly opened out which will, hopefully, give the reeds a chance to grow again. Well done to all those who came along for our first meeting of 2015.

Photographs supplied by Carrie and Mark, many thanks to both!

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