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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wed 25th April 2018 - Brading Down. GG # 732.

Terry's Photographs.

The only time Kev turns up early for work...and he is on crutches..!

Some of the area we cleared.

The fire gets underway.

The best bit....tea break..!

Fire is nice and hot now.

Some of the "mountains" of arisings that were collected.

The ash will be good for the soil.

This week we were back up on Brading Down to continue with the clearance work we started earlier this year. Although the whole area had been mechanically flailed, there was a lot of debris scattered around which needed disposing of. The other problem was the large amount of bramble that was already shooting up from the cleared area. This was cut back, raked up and thrown upon the fire along with all the other trimmings. The whole purpose of this work is to allow people to have a full view of the southern side of the Island - from the car park...and what a view that is... absolutely stunning! Now we have cleared the majority of the arisings, it is expected that cattle will be used to keep it down. We did have a very light sprinkling of rain but the sun kept popping through from behind the clouds.

Many thanks to Terry for the photographs this week.

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