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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wed 22nd Mar 2017 - All Saints' Church, Freshwater. GG # 677.

Terry's Photographs.

One empty van…but not for long!

Two wheeled barrows are no good on rough surfaces.


Car boot sale today?

Preparations for if the rain got any worse.

Lynnbottom Tip…here we come!
(Just look at that blue sky … Grrrr!)

Trimming back along the boundary with the road.

We dragged this boat as far as we could.

Now, doesn't that look ship shape?

It has been some time since we last visited this venue but it has always been very popular with GG members. This fact was admirably demonstrated by today's session when so many people showed up in what only be described as a downpour! As the football pundits say…. "it was a game of two halves" torrential rain to start but after tea-break (half time?) the sun shone through. As nice as the sun was, it came a little too late for most of us who were soaked to the skin by then. Our task could not have been simpler - to transport large amounts of scrap material from one side of the churchyard and then load it into the waiting van, located by the main entrance. Not so much Green Gym but more Steptoe and Son meets Scrapheap Challenge..! (see attached photos). Much of the "scrap" was of a nautical theme so, being Green Gymers, as much as possible was re or up-cycled rather than just landfilling it.
Other members of the group did trimming work on the overhanging foliage from the road that runs adjacent to the churchyard wall. A big WELL DONE to all those who turned up today - hope that your clothing will dry out for next Wednesday.

Many thanks to Terry for supplying the photographs this week.

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