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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wed 25th Jan 2017 - Quarr Abbey, Binstead. GG # 669.

Alison's Photographs.

Sings…"Hi ho - hi ho….it's off to work we go"!

Cutting a way into the undergrowth.

There is a ditch….somewhere here.

Work is well underway.

What a difference! The water starts to flow.

Didn't we do well?

Just look at that concentration...

Before Team GG starts work…

…and after they have finished.

With a Met Office yellow weather warning out for fog and ice, the drive to this week's GG session was interesting.! Come 10:00, and our time to start work, the sky started to clear a little and the temperature climbed above zero degrees - the GG good weather charm had worked once again. It was a pleasant stroll around the footpath that led down to the work site and the instructions were very simple - "Underneath all that undergrowth is a drainage ditch. Cut everything back to expose the ditch and 3 metres on either bank." Armed to the teeth with suitable tools, Team GG cut their way through the woodland, formed themselves into several working parties and attacked the undergrowth along the length of the ditch. This area must have been undisturbed for some considerable period of time as some of the bramble was almost like trees…! As things were cleared a couple of brave souls started hand digging the mud from the bottom of the ditch and using a drag hook to help clear things. By the time the session drew to a close there was a steady trickle of water starting to meander down to the sea - success..! I am sure that the pictures show just how much was achieved. This was a well attended session which ably accomplished the designated task. Well done everyone!

Many thanks to Alison for taking the photographs this week.

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