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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wed 19th Oct 2016 - RSPCA Headquarters, Rookley. GG # 657.

Sue's Photographs.

Above..and below…one VERY overgrown pond.

The orchard area was looking "grown in" as well.

Well, it is no good just looking at it - let's get stuck-in!

It was so overgrown it was oozing through the fence.


Starting to see a way through.

Those GGmers with log burning stoves did well today.

Working on "Treasure Island" in the middle of the pond.

Looking better...

so much space...

especially around the pond..!

Our visits to the RSPCA Animal Centre are few and far between which gives everything a chance to grow but this time everyone was astounded just how much had become overgrown since our last visit..!  Areas that we had completely cleared previously were totally engulfed with brambles and weeds (not forgetting the dreaded bamboo!) So much so it was even difficult to see the pond, let alone walk around it. No point in getting despondent about it…grab the tools and start hacking a way through, then hopefully it will all turn out ok by the end of the session(?) One of the benefits of working at this site is that all the dog lovers amongst us are exposed to a constant stream of dogs being walked around the grounds. Who can resist the chance to make a fuss of a dog - especially one that hasn't got a "real" owner? By the time tea break came around, team GG were really ready for all the cake that had been laid on for us (many thanks!) Then it was back to the hard graft and a final push to try and get everything cleared and tidy before end of play. It is worthing taking a look at the first pictures above and then the ones at the end…. what a difference…!!! For the first time ever, we managed to get the majority of the area around the pond clear PLUS the island that is in the middle. Everyone attending deserves a big pat on the back for their sterling efforts. The weather was still mild, for mid October but it won't be long before we are starting on frosty ground….

Many thanks to Sue for the photographs this week and to the RSPCA staff for supplying the cake.

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