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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wed 12th Oct 2016 - Swanmore Meadows, Ryde. GG # 656.

Sue's Photographs.

Lots of raking up to do...

Dredging the stream.

More raking..

Working in one of the ponds.

Awww - 2 x cute 4 legged friends.

Yep, you guessed it - MORE RAKING..!

Dragging more rubbish from the stream

Working on a new bridge.

Hay making..???

Just some of the items recovered from the stream.

Above and below - well raked over areas.

Hope that the dog walkers appreciate our efforts.

Considering that a year ago most of us had never even heard of Swanmore Meadows, we certainly seem to be spending a lot of time there recently..! Prior to this visit, large areas had been mechanically flailed so all the cuttings needed to be raked-up. This stops it rotting into the ground, which adds nutrients to the grass and weeds, which would then restricts the growth of the wild meadow flowers. The cleared areas should look amazing come next summer. Other tasks undertaken involved building approach ramps to the newly built bridge and dredging the stream to remove as much rubbish as possible. The items removed included three bike frames, a child's scooter, car tyres, a shopping cart along with numerous tree branches and logs. Hopefully, this will help to stop this area flooding as much come the winter storms. Considering that it was almost mid October, the weather is still very mild although the easterly wind took the edge off the temperature. As can be seen from the photographs above, it was a well attended session with lots of the tasks completed by the end.

Many thanks to Sue for taking the photographs this week.

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