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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wed 17th Aug 2016 - The Riverside Centre, Newport. GG # 648.

Terry's Photographs.

Work on the container storage gets underway.

Above and below - the pre-session brief.

A rather rotten raised flower bed.

If you don't like spiders then look away NOW…!

The top soil being removed.

This little fellow was safely re-housed.

Off to "water in" the plants that had been moved.

The flower beds get a makeover.

Looking good….

Time to tidy-up.

A trailer full of plastic for re-cycling (see text below)

The emptied out flower bed.

A reorganised tool store.

A good job Lynn Bottom Tip has re-opened!

This week our GG session was held at the GG IoW Head Office…. namely the Riverside Centre at Newport. This is where we store all our equipment and from which Mark controls the day to day running of this mighty organisation..! Talking of storing equipment, one of the jobs tackled was to sort out the shipping container that houses all the tools. To enable easier access, it was decided that we would up-cycle some old wooden pallets to form a holding pen for the larger tools and reorganising the other items. There was plenty of other jobs to keep the numerous troops employed - from demolishing a rotting wooden raised flower bed in the quadrangle to giving the numerous flower beds a jolly good makeover. The rotting flower bed was one we had worked on some years ago when we had partially filled it with plastic drink bottles and polystyrene (to save on the compost usage and aid drainage). Have a look at this link for details
Once the compost had been removed then all the plastics had to be bagged for re-cycling - we had a trailer full by the end of the session! Out in the other flower beds the weeds were removed, soil dug over and the plants pruned as required. They certainly looked far more cared for having received all that attention. All this was accomplished on a hot, sunny day which made working in the steel shipping container (tool store) rather taxing..! Well done everyone!

Lots of photographs this week reflecting the amount of tasks undertaken. Thanks for being there with the camera Terry.

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