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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wed 29th Oct 2014 - Millennium Green, Ryde.

Wet GGmers....!

A Job Well Done.

Mark's Photograph.
(showing the start of the dead hedging)

Our venue this week was Millennium Green in Ryde, a site we have visited several times before.  Well the forecast for rain was certainly correct, it absolutely teemed down.  Nevertheless some 14 VERY hardy Green Gymmers turned up, all sensibly attired from head to toe in wetsuits and wellies. There were three tasks for us to tackle, the first being to cut back as low as possible, the vegetation in the meadow to encourage the wildflowers to grow for next season, so we can attract as many insects, butterflies, toads etc as we can.  The working group here split up into those cutting by hand with shears to those raking away the cut vegetation and depositing it in a pile offsite.  The cutting back certainly uncovered a lot of wildlife, so we carefully relocated to safety several spiders, slugs, a shield bug and a toad!  The second task was to clear some invasive weed from the pond, which is having an impact on newts which frequent its water.  We only needed to clear away the weeds in the centre, leaving those around the outside as shelter and hiding places for the pond's inhabitants.  The third task was mostly undertaken by the volunteers who are part of the permanent group who look after this area, who were cutting down ash trees and using the cut pieces to build a dead hedge near the entrance to the site.

Many thanks to Carrie for the photographs and editorial this week (and to Mark for his!).... and a HUGE well done to all those who turned out in the pouring rain...!

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