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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wed 15th Oct 2014 - Afton Marsh (South) Freshwater.

Sue's Photographs.

Carrie's Photographs.

Mark's Photographs.

One of the fallen!

The area we cleared - Didn't we do well?

Although a few of us arrived at the GG session very early this week, we found the Ranger already on site with a well established bonfire! Our first task was to drag the piles of pre-cut willow to the fire and get it REALLY going.... Once the backlog was taken care of, it was time to start on the standing growth, cutting it down and on to the fire. Such was the progress, a second fire site was soon needed.With only a slight breeze the fires were soon blazing away, the only problem being the airborne hot embers. These caused many to do the "patting dance" when their clothing, or even worse, HAIR, started giving off that rather worrying smell of something catch fire...!  The other occupational hazard was the boot sucking marsh mud which managed to up-end me (and at least one other - see photograph above), another load of clothing straight into the washing machine on arrival home. Those not wishing to set themselves alight by the fire were well employed raking up the cut reeds which should give the marsh plants a head start next season. This was a very well attended session, so nice to see so many people working together at a worthwhile task. Even the forecasted rain held off, although the wipers were needed on the trip home.

Photographs this week were courtesy of Carrie, Sue and Mark many thanks to them all.

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