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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wed 14th Aug 2013 - Watershoot Bay, Niton.

My oh my, Mark is spoiling us.....the second trip to the beach this year....! Come Wednesday morning, Team GG assembled down by St Catherine's Lighthouse before moving westwards,  along to Watershoot Bay. We were there to do our annual (this is our 6th year) litter pick and survey along this rocky shoreline. We have now "adopted" this beach through the Marine Conservation Society Beachwatch Scheme. The idea is that not only do we clear the beach of all the litter but every item collected is categorised and then written down on a tally sheet. These are eventually sent to a central office where all the information is correlated, giving a  good picture of what rubbish is washed up around the UK shores.

Some 25 team members were in attendance - which resulted in 28 large bags of litter being collected plus some larger items. The picture above shows just a part of the final bag collection! It is relatively easy to collect the litter but the time consuming part is trying to decided what it is and then locate the specific item on the tally sheet, so a big Well Done to everyone for achieving so much!

The weather was kind to us, the occasional clouds giving us a little shade from the sun. A gentle sea breeze made our "trip to the seaside" that little bit more enjoyable.

Many thanks to Mark for supplying the photographs this week.

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