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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wed 28th May 2008 - Carisbrooke Pond

Green Gym has had an excellent record for dry Wednesday mornings.....until this week...! The rain stopped at 09:55 but by 11:15 it was bucketing it down again, resulting in lots of very wet workers..! Carisbrooke Pond is a new work site for us and a wonderful place to visit. The pond is the one that can be overlooked from the Eight Bells public house and entrance to the nature area is behind the Southern Water puming station (by the ford). A tremendous amount of work has already gone into this project and our task was to help the work inhand. We cleared the wire netting fencing that had been installed to allow the planted up banks to grow, pulled numerous weeds from the grass areas, helped to build up new areas of banking and assisted in transfering plants to these new areas - all in all a very busy morning. It was raining so hard for our teabreak, that a frog decided to seek sanctury on one of the coats.....!

Many thanks to Carrie for the photos this week - let's hope that we don't have to buy her a waterproof camera for the future......

I notice that we are ragwort pulling on the next Green Gym, so you might want to have a look at this link Lots of info about the "dreaded weed".

The following was also taken from another web site (I had a similar thing happen to me when pulling ragwort) BE WARNED....!

ROADSIDE RASH This man works for the local highways division. He had been strimming ragwort on a sunny day. He admitted to rolling up his sleeves because he was hot. The next day, his arms began to itch and he developed a classic phytophotodermatitis rash. Ragwort sap had splashed his arms. Combined with the sunny conditions, this sensitised his skin to produce an acute severe contact dermatitis. A potent topical steroid cream was needed to settle this.

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