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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Wed 5th July 2017 - Barncourt Farm, Wroxall. GG # 692.

This week we were PPP on the higher tributaries of the Eastern Yar river. Regular readers will know that we visits this site a couple of times each year to continue our never ending battle to try and tame the dreaded Himalayan Balsam. If you are confused as to why the GG members in the photographs above are wearing long sleeves on such a perfect summer's day (see the blue sky?), it is for protection against the sap from the HB and the stinging nettles that thrive in the same growing areas as HB..! Casting an initial eye over the areas on either side of the stream looked promising but more careful inspection showed that the majority of the HB plants were lurking just below the height of the surrounding undergrowth. Perhaps there was less than previous years? Only time will tell. As can be seen from the photographs above, there was still plenty of this pesky plant to pull.

Many thanks to Alison for taking the photographs this week.

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