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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wed 2nd March - Sandpit Copse, Wootton. GG # 624.

Sue's Photographs.

A mouse box "slum".

and a new, luxury apartment..!
(Note the hail on the ground.)

A mouse yes, but not a Dormouse (it is a Wood mouse). 

Meanwhile - down in the woods, the clearance work continues.

Lots of wild daffodils in the clearings.
(The white patch is the remnants of the hail storm.)

Dormouse nesting balls.

The real thing - a dormouse, in a torpid state.
(being handled by a qualified warden)
 All say "Ahhhhh".

Searching for the box that got away!

It was just over one month ago that we last visited this venue. This time we were to continue the brush and bramble cutting at Moor Wood while also doing a dormouse nesting box survey (something we had done about this time last year - see this link  Wed 25th Feb 2015 - Sandpit Copse, Wootton.). Due to the wettest winter on record, the woods are somewhat waterlogged which makes getting around on foot rather "interesting". If anyone has come up with a pair of wellies that has "four wheel drive" plus floatation bags - please let us know ASAP…! With half the team working their way through the woods, trying to locate the dormouse boxes and the other half chopping down everything in sight, suddenly the heavens opened. After several deep rolls of thunder we experienced one of the heaviest hail storms most of us can remember. Within minutes the ground was covered with white ice, which gave the illusion of snow. Somehow we all managed to meet up, in the middle of a wood, for tea break - by which time we were back to blue sky but a rather strong NW wind. Excellent progress was made with the clearance task and the dormouse box survey seems to have  gone very well indeed. We will put the adverse weather conditions down as "character building"..!

Have a look at the following link to the Island Echo Twitter site - it refers to the hail storm and the truck crash was "just over the hedge" from where we were working!…

Photographs this week were from Sue and Terry - many thanks to both.

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