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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wed 13th Jan 2016 - Golden Hill Fort, Freshwater. GG # 617.

A rather overgrown pathway..

Hi ho…Hi ho…it's off to work we go…!

Does it stay or shall we saw it down?

Looking clearer.

Burning the "evidence"..!

Now, doesn't that look better?

We were scheduled to be raking at One Horse Field this week but due to a last minute change of plan, it was off to that old GG favourite, Golden Hill Fort. After a record breaking mild winter, suddenly it was important to dig out those "three layers" and rummage in the under-stairs cupboard for the wooly hat - overnight it had suddenly gone quite cold! Having all met up in the public car park, it was a short stroll to the work area and a quick chance to take in the stunning, almost 360 degree, views that this area is famous for. The tasking was simple….. expand the rather grown-in pathways by about one metre either side. This allows the dog walkers good access throughout the summer as the new growth takes over. As per usual, we had a roaring fire to dispose of all the cuttings (and handy to warm the hands on!). The team got stuck in, those three layers soon became two and the wooly hats went into the jacket pockets….  phew, it got quite warm after all. With people working in from either end, the rather closed in paths soon became mini motorways - allowing light in for the growth of plants and easy transit for pedestrians. A job well done everyone….!

Photographs today were take by Sue - many thanks.

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