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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wed 19th Nov 2014 - Merstone "Station", Merstone.

Carrie's Photographs.

Before we started.

Work in hand

All finished!

Sue's Photographs.

At the start.....

And at the finish!

The picture above shows Merstone Station in it's heyday - when we arrived there today the loudspeaker might have announced.... "Passengers arriving at Platform One should beware of the brambles" - what a difference 60 years make! We normally visit this site around this time of year to rake-up all the cuttings after the whole area has been mechanically flailed but due to some contractual difficulties, this year the platform area remained uncut and VERY overgrown. Never mind, Team GG soon on the job with slashers, lopers, shears and rakes and by the end of the session the platform was looking neat and tidy once again. It was sad to see that the maze area that we have worked on during previous visits has all but disappeared, overgrown by the grass. Although the sky was overcast, winter hasn't really arrived yet this year, so working outside is still very pleasant. Perhaps this encouraged the excellent turn-out this week, we certainly seem to be the group to be with on a Wednesday morning, at the moment!

Many thanks to Carrie and Sue for the photographs.  

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