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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wed 6th Feb 2013 - Bonchurch Pond.

Mark's Photographs.

This shot (below) shows the completed work alongside the road.

Carrie's Photographs.

This week saw us on a return visit to Bonchurch Pond, which is looked after by a group of local volunteers and Julie the Pond Warden.  All round the edges of the pond it had become quite overgrown, so about 30 of us set to with loppers, bowsaws and secateurs.  There was lots of cutting back of brambles, overhanging branches, bamboo, hebes and other plants around the steps in the centre of the pond; there were also several large tree branches that were overhanging the pond, so these were also sawn off.  All the cuttings were then taken to the compost heap at the far end of the pond.  We also managed to uncover a really nice duck house, which was made locally, once we had cleared away the surrounding undergrowth.  The pond is very popular with visitors and locals and is home to several catfish, koi carp, ducks, moorhens, coots and some yellow bellied terrapins which were set loose in the pond and have now produced even more terrapins!  It is also home to a beautiful heron, which can often be seen high up in the trees or standing by the edge of the pond.

Many thanks to Carrie for the editorial and photographs this week and to Mark for his photographs.

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