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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wed 9th Jan 2013 - One Horse Field, Totland.

Mark's Photographs.
(top one showing the "scrapes" that were created for nesting invertebrates.)

Carrie and Tony's Photographs.

This week saw us again at One Horse Field in Totland, continuing with the work that was started on a VERY wet day before Christmas.  There were a couple of tasks to get on with, so one group continued with raking all the cut grass in the centre of the field, and soon the large bags full of cuttings were being dragged to the field margins making some very large piles.  The rest of the group spread out across the field to cut back encroaching sycamore and blackthorn, and also tidy up some of the blackthorn trees which are being left to grow, but just needed a bit of cutting back. A further group were removing the top layers of turf in other areas to encourage invertebrates.

Many thanks to Carrie, Mark and Tony for the photographs and Carrie for the editorial this week.

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