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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wed 2nd Jan 2013 - Munsley Bog, Godshill.

Mark's Photographs.

The new IoW Green Gym logo.

Some of team GG modelling the 
"must have" tops  for 2013...!

Carrie's Photographs.

Our first GG of 2013 saw us back at Munsley Bog in Godshill.  Despite the fact that the forecast was for dry until Friday, it was a very damp and drizzly day, so obviously all the fancy weather satellites got it wrong yet again!  Quite a few tasks for us to tackle, the first being to continue cuttting back the bracken and raking it into large piles to rot down, and secondly to cut back one of the large willows at the end of the boardwalk, which was encroaching too far over the walkway.  A small group collected lots of the willow cut on our last visit, and used it to repair a dead hedge along one of the boundaries which had a few holes in it; this was very handy practice for a bit of hedgelaying, as the next competition is racing towards us on the last Saturday in February.  The final task was to dig a run off from the pond to allow the water to drain into areas of the bog which are at a higher level to make it more boggy - so lots of spade work for the hardy group on this job.

Many thanks to Carrie and Mark for the photographs this week and to Carrie for the editorial.

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