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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wed 20th June 2012 - Brading Down.

Now let me see..... it is Wednesday morning, the sun is shining, GG are assembled at Brading Down car park and Mark has just turned up with wheelbarrows, forks, long gloves and plastic bags - I wonder what our task will be today? Ah yes....I have got it......Ragwort pulling.....! Once again Team GG take it upon themselves to try and rid the Downs of the dreaded Ragwort plants. This yearly ritual takes place just as the plants have grown enough to be pulled but not so big as to have started going to flower and seed. Particular care has to taken to avoid the sap getting into contact with the skin as when it is exposed to sunlight, it can cause a nasty skin rash - hence the supply of long gloves. To the numerous visitors that call by in the coaches during the session, it must appear that IoW residents must really love gardening as they even go out and "weed" the countryside...!
By the end of the session, the rangers large trailer was approaching being full (see above photograph) so hopefully the beautiful view from the car park won't be blanked by loads of tall, yellow flowered ragwort later this year.
Well done to all those who attended and for sticking at what can be a rather daunting task.

Many thanks to Carrie for the photographs.

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