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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wed 3rd August 2011 - Medina Valley Centre, Dodnor.

Eddie's Photographs.

Bob's Photographs.
Pathway Maintenance.......

Tree Removal........

The Medina Valley Centre was venue for the GG meeting this week, a place we have visited many times over the years. The weather was gloriously hot (perhaps a little TOO hot!) which encouraged lots of members along to this wonderful site on the banks of the Medina river.
We were given two main tasks - maintaing the wood chip pathway (which we had built previously) and the removal of some "rogue" saplings that were growing in a meadow area. With the team split into two groups, excellent progress was accomplished with both jobs and it can be seen from the photographs above, both undertakings were completed by the close of play.

Carrie wasn't with us this week (all say ahhhh....!) so - instead of her usual Nature Lesson spot - I have included the picture below.....

For those of you who have never been along to one of our meetings, the work schedule is split into two parts with a tea break between them. Besides being a chance to let the muscles relax, it is a great time to chat with friends and sometimes eat the occasional piece of cake (thanks MVC...!) or biscuit! Who said that exercise can't be fun?

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