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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wed 8th Sept 2010 - Ventnor Botanical Garden.

Eddie's Pics.

Carrie's Pics.

Our second week in a row at Ventnor Botanic Gardens – the hop picking is now all finished, so sadly no opportunity for another taste of the beer they made. Around 30 of us on a rather damp drizzly day, got stuck into clearing the very large hydrangea bed at the top of the gardens of the ivy which has infested it. The idea is that when all this has been cleared away, they will plant lots more hydrangeas to make the area look more colourful. Trish very helpfully came round with the tractor and trailer so all the ivy could be taken away, and we managed to fill the trailer about ten times with all the stuff we cleared out. The before and after pictures only show a small part of the big area we managed to clear.

Carrie’s Nature Lesson

In the absence of my fungi expert, I have tried to identify this week’s find from a fungi book – I think it is a member of genus Russula, a group that have become known as brittlegills. It has been commonly known as the Common Yellow Russula for some years, and latterly the Ochre Brittlegill. It is widespread, and common in mixed woodland, with a dull yellow cap which is initially convex, later flat or slightly depressed. It can be confused with the similar-looking Russula Claroflava.

Many thanks to Carrie for the text and pics this week and to Eddie for the first pictures.

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