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Friday, September 15, 2017

News Flash…!

Before you discard this week's County Press (dated 15th Sept 2017) into the re-cycling bin, have a quick look at page 28. Green Gym has bagged half a page under the heading "Keeping the Island in shape". There is a nice group photograph (with a close-up of that yummy cake) plus a couple of photographs taken from the blog - nice one Terry for taking them. Didn't we do well…!!!!

If you don't happen to pick up a copy of the CP, then try this link.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wed 13th Sept 2017 - Dodnor Creek LNR, Newport. GG # 702.

Terry's Photographs.

Site information.

Time for tea and biscuits..!

Trimming back the overgrown areas.

The finished pathway.

As strange as it may sound, parking in Stag Lane has become an issue..! Having unsuccessfully tried to find a space down by the Vestas factory, it was back up the road to the pond area before the double yellow lines disappeared. Oh well, a good walk to the work site must constitute a warm-up? For once we were all working on the one job, rather than tackling numerous different tasks - and it was hedging. The pathway that runs from the old railway bridge to the mill pond causeway had become somewhat overgrown and the chestnut fencing that ran along one side of it was rather patchy. We were asked to cut back the over hanging material and use it to fill the gaps with dead hedging. Where possible, the team used their hedge laying skills to re-enforce the old fencing. Although there was a few light showers during the morning, we all remained reasonably dry - something of a rarity recently..! This footpath is a considerable distance and we managed to tidy up the whole thing in the one session so well done to all those who attended.

Many thanks to Terry for the photographs.

A message from Alison.

Hi all

As mentioned last week, I am hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning on:

Friday 29th September
10.00 - 12.30

It would be great to see some of you.  All cake-y type donations welcome (or at least a packet of fig rolls!).

Thank you

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wed 6th Sept 2017 - Wetland Walk, Adgestone. GG # 701.

Terry's Photographs.

Site information.

"When I nod my head…hit it!"

The great rake-off.

Much discussion on pruning an apple tree.

Overgrown..??? Not for long!

This little fella was carefully re-homed.

The lumberjacks hard at work.

Tea time.

Some of the areas that were cleared.

What a difference from those "before" shots above.

Woo hoo….. finally, a GG session when it didn't RAIN….! Similar to last week, we headed out to the water works at Lake but this time we were gainfully employed at the Wetland Walk / Picnic site. Apparently, GG has been attending this venue since 2004 and it has proven to be very popular with Team GG over the years. This time we were here for an end of season make-over, raking up the pre-cut grass, trimming back anything overgrowing the pathways and giving the numerous fruit trees a bit of a prune. Two jobs were a little more taxing…. a couple of rather large trees required sawing up and the swing gate at the site entrance was in need of partial rebuild. The work progressed very well and by the end of the session the whole area was looking "sorted".

Mark did mention that due to rearranging the GG base facilities, that the "communal" tea mugs could no long be dish-washed. It has been decided that everyone will now be responsible for their own mug so don't forget to bring it along next week…!

Many thanks to Terry for his excellent photographs this week.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Wed 30th Aug 2017 - IoW GREEN GYM'S 700TH SESSION.

Terry's Photographs.

"Smile everyone" - Team GG on the day…!

Wow…that is one YUMMY cake!

Mark with his custom made card.

The IoW Green Gym has now reached yet another milestone - our 700th session..! During the work at Sandown Meadows this Wednesday we took time out to celebrate this momentous occasion (and to eat lots of yummy cake!). With a cup of tea in one hand and a slice of cake in the other, not even the weather could put the dampeners on our spirits. After a few words from Mark, he was presented with a wonderful, custom made, card signed by everyone (what else could you give to a man who has everything..???)

Although I do not have accurate records to hand, a few simple figures show just how much voluntary work the GG has contributed over the years. Started in 2003, there has now been 700 sessions - if we averaged the attendance at 25 people per session and 3 hours work each week from each, then it must be around 52500 man (person?) hours. If you take a working day to be 8 hours then that equates to over 6,500 days - so if we then divide that by 365 (days in a year) then the final figure is about 18 YEARS…!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark for all the effort (and hours!) that he puts into making our Wednesday mornings so enjoyable. Roll on our 1,000 session..!

A huge thank you to Gwen for making the delicious cake - it really topped off the occasion.