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Friday, October 2, 2015

News Flash..! Naturezones plus other news items.

Yet another mention of GG in the County Press (dated 2nd Oct 2015 - page 21) this time for the recent session held at Naturezones. A couple of nice photographs of everyone beavering away and some kind words from Angela Hewitt.
Skip over a few pages to page 25 and have a look at the photograph captioned "Blasting the balsam" - you might just spot a few GG members…!
Now jump to page 29 "Spirit of the community" - can you spot the GG member?

At this rate we will have more IoW CP coverage than good old Alan Titchmarch used to get. Well done to all…!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wed 30th Sept 2015 - Old St Swithin's Churchyard, Thorley. GG # 604.

Above and below - some areas needing our attention.

The ivy covered stone wall….

Hay making.

Pulling ivy from the stone.

A well earned tea break!

See…there was a wall under all that ivy.

Looking better….

Some of the collection points.

Wow…what a difference…!

It is almost 4 years ago when we last visited this site so everyone was interested to see what had been happening in our absence. For once we had a pleasant surprise…. the area looked to be in good order - not the overgrown wilderness we were confronted with on our first visit..! This time the grass had recently been cut but needed to be raked-up into mini hay stacks around the plot. Other GGmers worked at clearing a boundary area to the west of the field and removing all the (considerable) ivy along a stone wall. Others were instructed to carry out various tasks around the old stone building - giving the whole area a general makeover in a morning. I feel sure that the photographs show the extent of the work far better than my words can describe. This is a wonderful venue to work at with views out over the adjoining fields, which were being ploughed during our visit.

Many thanks to the owners of Thorley Manor Farm who allowed us the use of an adjacent paddock to park our cars.

A big thank you to Sue for taking the photographs this week.

Friday, September 25, 2015

News flash..! Wroxall Station.

For those GG members who enjoyed our recent session at the former Wroxall Station, have a look at the County Press, dated Sept 25th 2015, page 20. Apparently, Shademakers UK (our hosts for that day) have won a £10,000 grant from the National Lottery and will be using it to create a community hub on the site. Green Gym does get a mention in the article and it seems as though we might be doing further work there in the future…? Oh no, not more of that yummy cake…!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wed 23rd Sept 2015 - Sandown Meadows, Lake. GG # 603.

Sue's Photographs.

Right…..where do we start..????

Just a part of the cleared area…!

Parrot's Feather (another invasive non-native species!)

A Field Bug (species of Shield Bug).

In contrast to some of our recent GG sessions (they were somewhat "damp") the weather this week was a bright, autumnal day. Having parked up, it was a bit of a trek to the work site which was further along the road and through a rather boggy meadow. The task was to cut back the bramble and undergrowth that had overgrown a barbed-wire fence. Once the fencing had been revealed, the wire was removed allowing us to cut back right up to the edge of the stream that ran along the boundary. The fencing will eventually be replaced using new support posts as most of the originals had rotted away at the base.  The undergrowth material was cut away, collected up and then piled on a bonfire which made swift work of the disposal..! This session was well attended and the full extent of the southern boundary was cleared all ready for the new fencing to be erected. Well done to all those who attended and managed to achieve so much in just a few short hours.
For a couple of our GG members who's are feeling a bit under the weather at the moment, we all wish you speedy recoveries and hope you are tracking our work sessions on this blog! Hurry back soon….

Many thanks to Sue for the superb photographs this week.