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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wed 14th March 2018 - All Saints' Church, Freshwater. GG # 726.

Terry's Photographs.

The pre-session briefing.

Work gets underway.

Cut it down... bag it up...then drag it away for burning!

Bramble was everywhere.

Rather spooky with the smoke drifting across.

For once, we had our tea break inside.

Working along the boundary wall.

Wow...that must have been some high tide.....!

Back to the battle with the bramble.

Shots below showing the cleared areas.

A rather nice shot of some Jew's ear fungus.

All Saints' Church at Freshwater has been a favoured GG venue for many a year now. We always seem to be working there just as the spring bulbs are starting to flower between the gravestones - such a great sign that spring will soon be with us. Not quite here yet though, as there was a strong chilly wind blowing (although it did stay dry!). The majority of our work was down in what is known as "the pasture" which is off to the eastern side of the graveyard. Once again the bramble had taken hold so it was a matter of chopping it down, then dragging it back before tossing onto the bonfire.  Everybody was on the look-out for any early nesting birds, to make sure that we didn't disturb them. This was a well attended session which meant that a huge area was cleared and all the arising disposed of. Another section of the group were gainfully employed working around the boundary wall, giving everything a make over. We were invited into the church for our tea break (nice to get out of that wind) where we were served with hot drinks and delightful home made cake - so a big thank you to the ladies who arranged that...!

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs at this session.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wed 7th March 2018 - Morton Marsh, Sandown. GG # 725.

Terry's Photographs.

Gentlemen (and ladies!) please select your tree...!

Branching out..???

Dealing with the off-cuts.

We huffed and we puffed to get the fire away.

Nearly finished.

Now, that's what you call a "HAIRCUT"!

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we visited this "new" site but there was still plenty for us to be getting on with. Once again, the instructions were very simple "See those willow trees and that fencing over there? Take them all out!" With half the team removing barbed wire and fence posts the others set about reducing some rather tall willow trees to mere stumps. Why do we leave the stumps so high? It is so they can be treated before being finally chopped off at ground level. All the cut material was neatly  piled ready for burning at a later date. We did eventually get a bonfire away which enabled us to dispose of a huge clump of gorse. As can be seen from Terry's excellent photographs, we had some blue sky and a reasonable temperature - a far cry from last Wednesday when The Beast from the East first hit the Island!

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs this week.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wed 28th Feb 2018 - Session CANCELLED - due to "The Beast from the East"! GG # 724.

Today we should have been at the Red Squirrel Dell in Ryde but the weather put a stop to that.
Earlier this morning Mark sent out the attached e-mail -


Another update, I've just spoken to Helen in Ryde and it's fine over there, but me getting there might be a problem, see attached photo. 

So reluctantly I'm calling the GG off today I'm afraid guys.

we'll pencil the Red Squirrel Dell in for the 28th March!

take care and keep warm

See you next week, I'll email again about the exact location for next week


About the same time, I took this picture of the car at home..

Yes...I know....not a LOT of snow but more is forecasted and the Island is notoriously bad at dealing with even a few flakes on the

Gizmo was watching me take the photograph, perhaps he had the right idea....STAY INDOORS!

This was the BBC forecast at 09:00 - just look at the "feels like" value.... -9C.. and more snow to come. Must admit, having been outside, that wind is bitter!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wed 21st Feb 2018 - Morton Marsh, Sandown. GG # 723.

Terry's Photographs.

A hitching post for Merlin (the dog)?

Team GG being busy...busy...BUSY.

The fire gets underway.

Nice views of the re-profiled river bank.

Lots of GGmers at the tea break.

Anyone want to buy some logs?

Our "bosses" for the day.

Two above, one below - what a difference!

Getting tools etc to and from this site is a bit
of a logistical nightmare...!

Another new site for GG to work on this week.... the eastern end of Morton Marsh. We have worked on the western end several times before but this week it was new territory for us to explore. Access to the site was from the footpath off Perone Way, then it was out across the rather soggy marshland to where the bonfire was sited. Mark had to park the van at an entrance off the main Brading - Sandown road so it was a bit of a hike to cross the boggy ground to collect all the tools. It was very apparent that there had been a considerable amount of work carried out here recently, evident by the re-profiled river banks and numerous piles of cut trees and bushes. A simple task for us then, collect all the material from the pre-dumped piles and drag / carry it to the fire. As is always the problem when working on marshy ground, it only takes a few people to travel to and from before the ground starts to resemble quick sand (mud?). Fortunately there was a large pile of cut marsh grass nearby so this was used to try and stabilise where we were transiting. With the fire roaring away we made excellent progress at reducing the number of piles of cuttings and by the end of the session this area was almost cleared. It was (for once!) a rain free session and there was even periods of blue sky. Perhaps it was the clement weather but the number of GGmers attending seemed to be up on recent weeks - so well done everyone for your efforts.

Please note... Photographs have now been added to last week's blog. Want to see just how muddy it was? Then jump back one week.

Many thanks to Terry for the photographs this week.