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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wed 11th April 2018 - Martin's Wood (aka The Bee Fields), Newchurch. GG # 730.

Terry's Photographs.

The trek down to the work area.

Hard at work creating "scrapes".

A nice stroll down through the daffodil field.

Tea break and yummy "birthday" treats...!

More scrapes.

A bumble bee.

The long walk back.

Base camp one..!

Recently, almost every GG blog has reported that we had a wet session but..... I am delighted to say that today we had warm(ish) weather and even some sun....Yaaaay! Perhaps spring has finally decided to arrive? The weather forecasters are reporting that March has been one of the wettest on record, it certainly seems to have been that way. So...having met up in the carpark, it was a bit of a trek down to the work area but walking through the field of daffodils was a delight. Our task was much the same as when we have visited here in past years...creating new "scrapes" for the burrowing bees and other insects to burrow into. Rather than try and describe the process, it is easier to look at the photographs which should clearly show the job in hand. The new group that has recently taken over management of this site have been working hard at clearing all the undergrowth from between the trees, some of which have been thinned out to encourage growth in those that remain. Have a dig around in the following link for details of this site, and others, that they manage. Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust | 47 Reserves To Visit - look at the tabs on the top of the page, select Nature Reserves and then click Martin's Wood.
Those GGmers who were not into digging scrapes were gainfully employed cutting away the old rabbit guards that many of the trees had long outgrown.
In spite of the recent inclement weather, several species of butterflies were observed...a sure sign that spring is on it's way..!

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs.

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