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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wed 24th Jan 2018 - The Old West Medina Cement Mill, Dodnor. GG # 719.

Mark's Photographs.

One of the treated tree stumps (in the foreground)

The Great Wall of Dodnor..???

Some VERY damp GGmers.

Clearing one of the kiln areas.

An old hob-nailed working boot.

The interface between old and new. (But it is ALL old)

Although this week was technically a new venue for Green Gym, we have worked "just over the fence" many times before (at Dickson's Copse and on the footpath adjacent to the mill pond). Having all assembled at the end of Stag lane, Mark accompanied us through the Vestas wind turbine factory car park to the work site. The ruins of the old cement mills had, over many years, become very overgrown but the majority of this had recently been cleared by contractors. The area is to be subjected to an archeological investigation at a later date so we had been asked to try and clear away some of the undergrowth from on and around the remaining structures. After Mark had introduced us to the site and pointed out the "no go" areas (some of the remains are dangerous to enter / climb upon) we split into small groups each working at one of the designated tasks. It is interesting to work on such an old, historical site and we hope that we will be invited to continue the work we have started, albeit with better weather next time. Ah...the weather...well, considering the rather wet and windy conditions (see below) we had a reasonable turn-out of GGmers which included two new recruits. 

The Weather. Green Gym used to be renowned for always (well, nearly always!) having the best weather of the week on a Wednesday morning. Just recently we seem to be "enjoying" storm after storm - with the one this week taking the name Georgina. Gale force winds and torrential rain were the order of the day although the worst held back until towards the end of the session. The radar plot below shows the position of the storm front at around midday Wednesday. Yes, we all got VERY wet!

The Old West Medina Cement Mills.  Should you like further reading on the subject then there is a book available - full of the history, facts, photographs and maps. 

If you are interested then please have a word with Mark as he is able to obtain copies of this excellent book for the very reasonable sum of £10. (I have one and it is well worth the outlay!) 

Mark did a great job of taking photographs in the rain - so a big thanks to him..!

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