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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wed 31st May 2017 - Bodster Equine Assisted Learning CIC, Sandford. GG # 687.

Terry's Photographs.

Gizmo…. before he got very dirty!

Grab the tools and

off to see what we are working on.

A rather bland planter.

Placing out the plants prior to planting.

Tackling a huge pile of discarded fencing materials.

What this place is all about…!

Tea break and Merlin hopes for a biscuit.

Dragging the old fencing away.

What a difference…!

The area after clearance.

What a difference.

Ragwort pulling - first of the year (lots more to come!)

A cinnabar moth.

It was only the start of this month when we had our first visit to this wonderful venue. This time we were to continue some of the jobs that we had started before - working on the sensory garden removing a huge pile of old fencing material and trying to reduce the ragwort in the paddock. The main task was to finish off the sensory garden area that we had helped to form on our last visit. There were many wheel barrows full of new plants for us to position before digging them in (see above). Part of the team tackled a rather large pile of discarded fencing material, consisting of tangled wire fencing, wooden posts and barbed wire. This had to be cut apart and then transported up to the barn area. The paddock area had a considerable amour of new growth rag work growing across it so… Team GG decided to try and tackle it (the first of the year…. much more to come I suspect!) As per usual, Terry's excellent photographs beautifully demonstrate what we achieved under that beautiful blue, sunny sky. Many thanks to our hosts for letting us use the classroom facilities for the tea break.

A message from Mark…..

Hi Everyone,

As mentioned last Wednesday we've had a cancellation from Shademakers for this coming Wednesday.  They have had last minute notice from their neighbours that they are removing the wall which would have been damaged in last year's fire and Sandy and Sharon sensibly consider that our being there would be potentially difficult for both parties.  I'm hoping we can arrange a date in the summer to return to Shademakers.

For this week however we will be heading up to Brading Down for some Ragwort pulling. Long sleeves advised. Aim for the big car park where the ice cream van usually parks and we'll adjust from there.

We had a lovely thank you email from Bodster Equine, expressing their appreciation for all of the hard work everyone put in over the 2 sessions. They promise to look after the plants we planted for them last week.

See you soon.

And……some photographs from Giles.

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