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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wed 5th April 2017 - Northwood House, Cowes. GG # 679.

Terry's Photographs.

Part of the team start on the Bay tree stumps..

while the others set off for the tennis courts.

The grass had encroached over the tarmac pathways -

by a considerable margin…!

The latest Green Gym apprentice - Gizmo.

Just look at that perfect edging.

All those Bay tree stumps were dug-up and the
holes back filled, then re-turfed over.

Toby's Photographs.

This week we were back at Northwood House to assist the team of volunteers who make such a wonderful job of maintaining the house and gardens gardens. As so often with our sessions, the team were split into two working groups….. one dealing with rampant Bay tree growth and the others clearing turf from the pathways that surround the tennis courts. Both teams had some backbreaking work - the Bay roots were DEEP and the grass that was removed had to be wheel-harrowed some considerable distance to the composting area. It was a beautiful spring day and a real pleasure to be working in those magnificent grounds.

Many thanks to Terry and Toby for taking the photographs this week.

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