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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wed 26th April 2017 - West Wight Sports Centre, Freshwater. GG # 682.

Terry's Photographs.

This week it was time for Green Gym to give the West Wight Sports Centre gardens a makeover. First problem (for most of us) is actually getting there…… the West Wight area is rather remote…so best to pack sandwiches and a flask for the long journey ahead..! Having driven out there the next problem is to try and find street parking or pay up for parking fees at the centre. The parking attendant was not too happy about our coned-off work area but, once assembled, we were given our task for the day which was so very simple "Just do what you do every year!" The team were soon spread around the whole site in an attempt to make the whole place look like Kew Gardens in about three hours. The pictures above show beautifully the scope of the work we undertake here and the results can be really appreciated (well done Terry!) The catering staff supplied us with tea and biscuits for our break so a big THANK YOU to them. Although the weather remained dry, the northerly wind was rather chilly. Fortunately the rain, hail, snow, thunderstorms as predicted by the weather forecasters failed to materialise (although there was a flurry of snow flakes in the West Wight during the afternoon!). 

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