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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wed 12th April 2017 - Martin's Wood (The Bee Fields) Newchurch. GG # 680.

Terry's Photographs.

Details of the venue.

Pre session briefing.

Down amongst the cherry trees.

Beautiful spring blooms.

Cleaning out tree guards.

That's what you call a scrape…!

Taking a well earned break.

Just a few of the tree guards that were
removed from the bigger trees.

We seem to visit this venue about the same time each year, just when the daffodils are in full bloom. We were tasked to continue the work we have been doing to create ground scrapes, which will encourage the numerous bee species in this area to set up home. For full details of this site please use the following link Martin's Wood | Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust . Besides creating new bee nesting areas we helped to remove some of the old rabbit guards from the more established trees and cut back any areas of bramble that were starting to flourish again. We were delighted to hear that the number of different varieties of bees seen in this area continues to grow - perhaps due to our efforts over the previous years? The session started with overcast sky but eventually the sun started to shine through.

Many thanks to Terry for taking the excellent photographs this week.

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