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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wed 26th Oct 2016 - Pan Mill Meadows, Newport. GG # 658.

Sue's Photographs.

It all looks rather daunting….

So much to rake up….bag….and then dispose of.

Lots of GGmers to share the task.

Yes, we found (yet another) shopping cart.

Down on the compost heap...

Looking much clearer.

Each week, as I write this blog, it gets even more difficult to come up with something original to write. This week it could be all summed up by a single word "raking". To pad it out a bit, I suppose an explanation of why we do it would fill in a few lines..! When we started working on this site, many years ago (18/10/2006 - ten years ago!), it was very overgrown with dense undergrowth. Eventually it was cleared and established as a meadow and… to keep it thus, it is cut at the end of the growing season each year. To stop the cuttings composting the ground (which encourages the grass and weeds to grow next year) we rake everything up thereby giving the meadow flowers a fighting chance. As can be seen from the photographs above, such endeavours gives everyone involved a really good work-out! If you are wondering why there is an uncut area left, it is because there were a couple of wasp nests in that bit! As per usual at GG sessions, the whole area was given a good "litter pick" which revealed the ubiquitous shopping trolley, car tyre, traffic cone, bags of cans and bottles etc. The run of good autumn weather continues with some sun and a balmy 15C for us to enjoy. A really good turnout for what might be considered one of our less exciting, but very necessary, tasks.

Phew, once again I have managed to write a few lines to accompany Sue's excellent photographs, thanks Sue.

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