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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wed 7th Sept 2016 - Seagrove Dell, Nettlestone. GG # 651.

Terry's Photographs.

Above and below… there is a pond under there SOMEWHERE..!

Where do we start..????

Common green shield bug.

How different from just a few hours earlier.
All ready for those winter rains.

It has been a while, 5 years in fact, since our previous session clearing vegetation from this... 'pond'.  I hesitate to describe it as a pond as it was dry when we worked there today and has been for most of the summer.  It is a balancing pond, it takes water and stores it before more gently the water soaks away into nearby ditches.  This performs a valuable role in preventing flooding and of course provides habitat for wildlife.  Its ephemeral nature means that it wouldn't be a place to find some pond species such as dragonflies, which need several years of water to be present to go through their life cycle.  But would still be valuable habitat for many other species of wildlife which I'm sure call this Dell home at some point during the year.   

We were asked to gather today to remove some of the more rampant vegetation which might, if left, have hampered the flow and created issues.  You will see from the photos that the pond is now clear, apart from some habitat left for shelter and as a home for overwintering amphibians within the pond.

Well done everyone for finding the site and for a brilliant morning's work.

We would like to thank the IW branch of CPRE for once again supporting us and awarding us the certificate in their Anti Litter Campaign.  We aim to leave each week our particular sites litter free and collect many bags of material over the year.  

Many thanks to Terry for the super photographs and Mark for the editorial.

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