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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wed 21st Sept 2016 - Sandown Meadows, Lake. GG # 653.

Terry's Photographs.

The "hairy lawn mowers" in an adjacent field.

Awaiting the session brief.

Off into the jungle.

Willow cutting gets underway.

Draging the cut material away….

…and disposing of it on the fire.

This week's GG competition, "Spot the Frog".

Just part of one of the (many!) willow thickets we tackled.

More for the fire.

A pile of cut willow.

Just one of the areas we cleared.

It has been some time since we last visited this venue but everyone seemed to remember where it was located and arrived without incident. Although the parking is some distance from the work site, we were able to load the tools and tea making gear into the back of a pick-up truck which made transporting things easier! The instruction was simple - decimate any willow that you come across! It was to be cut down and transported to one of several fire sites around the area for disposal. Had the clumps of willow been stood in a grass field then that would have been easy but we had to hack our way through head high reeds and nettles, avoid falling in the steams and boggy areas before we could even start the willow cutting. Although overcast, the temperature was still above average for September, with some GGmers still wearing shorts (see photos above). Not an easy GG session but excellent progress was made at reducing the willow so WELL DONE to all those who attended.

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs this week.

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