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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wed 6th July 2016 - Copse Mead Nature Reserve, Lake. GG # 642.

Sue's Photographs.

"Planting" an information sign-post.

Tackling the rather invasive laurel hedging.

Taming the jungle...

Trimming back along the pathways.

Mending the boundary fencing.

"Would Sir like a short back and sides?"

What a difference by the end of the session!

Just some of the cut material.

And another busy GG sessions draws to a close.

Mark recently made the comment, " Even after 642 Green Gym sessions, I still come up with new sites for us to visit". This was certainly true for this Wednesday morning…. no only was it a new site but around half Team GG had trouble even finding the place! Copse Mead is sited right in the middle of Lake, adjacent to the cemetery (no jokes about "Corpse" Mead please!) and surrounded by housing on the other three sides. The site has been allowed to develop as an unimproved meadow since the 1950's and is now supported by a local residents group, along with Wight Nature Fund.
On arrival we were given an introductory talk followed by a quick tour of the site to point out the tasks. A wide variety of jobs were undertaken including cutting back overgrown areas, fencing repairs, installing an information sign and lots of boundary hedging trimming. Extreme care was taken to avoid disturbing any of the wide variety of native plants, butterflies, moths, insects and birds that inhabit this wonderful oasis. Unlike some recent GG sessions (rather damp) the weather was just about perfect - some cloud and sun but not too warm for work. A most enjoyable site to work on and now we all know exactly where it is, perhaps we could have a return visit???

You might wish to have a look at this link  Wight Nature Fund - Copse Mead

Many thanks to Sue for taking the photographs this week - they certain show the wide range of jobs that we tackled.

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