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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wed 29th Jun 2016 - The Duver and Priory Bay, St Helens. GG # 641.

Sue's Photographs.

Off we go….

Pulling that pesky plant.

Team GG at the seaside!

Then the rain came.

Two, of the three, Little Egrets that were spotted on the shore-line.

Just some of our "rich pickings".

Linda's Photograph.

Cinnabar Caterpillar.
(see this link for further info Cinnabar moth | Buglife )

This Wednesday should have been our "summer visit to the beach"- but the weather certainly wasn't summer-like…! I suppose we should have known that the chances of a blisteringly hot day were almost negligible as it did happen to coincide with Wimbledon Week. On the plus side, the forecasted heavy rain did manage to hold off until later in the session. Having all met up in the car park on the old golf links, we all grabbed litter picking tools and bin bags before headed off to collect as much litter as we could find. By tea time we had covered the area to the south of the beach huts and out as far as the mill pond. Some of the team had pulled the ragwort around the car parking area, taking care to avoid the plants with Cinnabar Caterpillars on them (see photo and link above). Having had a cup of tea it was off to do another litter pick, this time by the beach huts and along the shoreline towards Priory Bay. Unfortunately the rain that had been forecasted for earlier then decided to arrive so everyone got rather damp on the return trip. We collected many bags of assorted rubbish which contained a considerable amount of discarded bundles of fishing line. This is particularly hazardous to wildlife and pets so please could we remind any fishermen (or fisherwomen) to take all their old line, hooks etc home with them - thank you.

Ever wonder why The Duver is so named? See this link Duver - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A note from Mark.

Today's litter pick was supported by the HP Beach Clean Up Fund. Thank you to them and well done to everyone from Team GG for making such an effort..! Photograph shows the total amount collected.

Many thanks to Sue and Linda for taking the photographs this week.

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