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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wed 1st Jun 2016 - Brading Down. GG # 637.

Sue's Photographs.

Hi ho….it's off to work we go..

An action shot.

Mark giving tips on how to spot the dreaded plant.

Look at those views..!

Well spread out along the hillside.

The trailer starts to fill.

Not a bad mornings work..!

June 1st is the first day of summer, according to the weather forecasters on the BBC…. a shame that nobody told the weather! Our first visit of the year to Brading Down normally has everyone trying out their shorts and wide brimmed sun hats but this time it was three layers of clothing to keep the northerly wind out. We all assembled in the car park, equipped ourselves with the special 3 pronged forks (see photo below) and plastic bags then headed off to search out the dreaded ragwort. This early in the season ragwort plants are rather difficult to spot but Team GG soon got focused and the ranger's trailer soon started to fill. It is amazing just how many dog walkers and visitors stop you and want to know why we are "weeding the downs with a trowel on a long handle?"….! Even with the cloudy day it was a fantastic site to work at because of the wonderful views across the Island.

If you are interested why we are out persecuting this "weed" have a look at this link
Ragwort/RHS Gardening - Royal Horticultural Society

Below is a picture of the specialist fork we use for digging-up the pesky plant… (the trowel with a long handle)

Many thanks to Sue for the photographs this week.

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