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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wed 11th May 2016 - Watershoot Bay, St Catherine's. GG # 634.

Mark's Photographs.

The long trek down to the beach...

Oh dear..! Can we just turn around and go home?

Work gets underway.

Every time we come here we ALWAYS find one of these!

Just a small amount of the rope we collected.

Looking better.

For info about the crate above… view these links.

Can this be the same beach..?

Above and below… the "spoils" of the day.

This is why there is a lighthouse here.. for foggy days!

Carol Kirkwood, the BBC weather presenter, announced on the early morning weather forecast for Wednesday, that the rainfall on the Island was the highest in the UK overnight. That set the scene for our GG session this week - but fortunately the rain stopped soon after 1000 hrs..! The rain stopped but turned into low cloud with "mizzle" (misty drizzle) but, just occasionally, the sun would break through.
After the long walk down from the car parking area the first views of the beach were NOT good. In all the years we have been doing the beach clean here (9 years?) we had never seen so much litter and debris - it was strewn everywhere…! We decided, very early into the session, that the best approach was to haul all the large bits to the bottom of the cliff path and then form a human chain to manhandle it up to the collection point. Such was the volume that we decided to leave all the wood on the beach and concentrate on the plastic, rope and other non-biodegradable items. Part of our work here usually incorporates the listing of every item collected as this forms part of an annual national survey for beach debris. This time we had so much to collect that it would have been totally impossible to list everything AND clear the beach in just one session. At the completion of a very strenuous session everyone was astounded at the huge pile that had accumulated at the collection point. Far more than we had collected on previous years and that was with a reduced Team GG today (down to about 15 of us). Then came the long haul, back up the never ending hill, to the car park. Usually there is a wonderful view of the light house as you climb higher but this wasn't to be today…due to the low cloud surrounding it. An extra special WELL DONE to all those attending today - an excellent result when working under difficult conditions.

Mark's Note.

Isle of Wight Green Gym were delighted that we received a grant for today's session as it was supported by the HP Beach Clean Up Fund.  This has meant the group has been able to purchase some items to aid our work and cover the costs of the day.  HP printer cartridges have been found along the South coast following their loss at sea in 2014.  Today we found 5 of them, see photo above.

Photographs this week were taken by Mark…. Thank you!

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