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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wed 27th April 2016 - Shanklin Family Centre (plus others). GG # 632.

Sue's Photographs.

Team 1 with the raw materials!

Team 2 getting themselves sorted.

Team 2 fencing.

Team 2.

Team 1 working on the entrance to the centre.

Work on the planters well underway.

Team 2 doing a "short back and sides".

Team 2 weeding.

Now, doesn't that look a whole lot better?

The children are going to finish the planting.
The area behind the pallets will eventually become a
"Mud Kitchen" for the children. (It sounds real fun!)

And before we leave - a final sweep through and tidy-up.

Mark's Photographs.

Why we check the work area carefully at this time of year…
a nesting blackbird.

Working on the entrance - first impressions are important.

One GGmer finds all this work too much - tyred already (bad joke!)

Hacking out a dead tree stump.

Above and below - the beautiful Bluebells in Batt's Copse.
Flowers like that are why we bother to litter-pick such areas.

I had better start this blog entry by explaining the (plus others) in the title. We were scheduled to work at the Shanklin Family Centre today, which is a Banardo's Centre. When Mark did his usual pre-session visit he decided that the area we were due to be working on was rather small for the number of GGmers attending. So it was arranged that we could also work at the adjacent St Blasius C of E Primary School (we last worked there in 2004) and also Batt's Copse (we had been there before, back in 2009) - what a slave driver Mark is! Group one were detailed to work at improve a grassy area, adjacent to the centre, by building car tyre planters and giving the whole garden a makeover. Group 2 worked in the attractive gardens of the primary school, getting them ready for planting by pupils. This included lifting a fallen fence panel back into place; tidying, weeding and pruning all around the garden and the two ponds; and training a large rambling rose over an arch. Group 3 were dispatched to Batts copse to work on a (much needed!) litter-pick. (Sue apologises for not getting any photographs of Team 3 over in the copse). As can be seen, from the photographs above, this was a well attended session so a good job that Mark had the foresight to arrange alternative work. Although it was a bright, sunny morning, the temperatures are still down on the average for this time of year.

At tea break we did all manage to meet up and the kind staff at the Barnado's Centre supplied us with the tea, coffee and biscuits - thank you very much ladies - much appreciated!

Many thanks to Sue and Mark for taking the photographs this week.

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