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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wed 16th March 2016 - Hill House, Totland. GG # 626.

Unpacking the trailer, in the car park.

Setting the scene...

Work starts on the new flower bed.

Down in the jungle… work commences.

Looking down towards the bottom of the site.

Two, of the three, phones that we found.

The flower bed work progresses.

Just a part of the litter we collected!

Some of the new fruit trees that we planted.

Clearance work continues...

The jungle - after it's makeover.

The new plants go in...

"Pruning" some of the larger trees.

A final watering of the new plants before we depart.

Another new site for Team GG to work on! This time we had to head all the way out to Totland - but thanks to Mark's excellent map, we all managed to find our way to Hill House. With car park passes issued, it was time to unload the trailer then head off to the area needing our attention. Hill House is owned by a housing trust and part of the complex is given over to gardens - that had become somewhat neglected. We were given a wide variety of tasks to complete, cutting back overgrown areas, litter picking, create a new flower bed, planting new fruit trees, plus giving the whole area a touch of that GG magic…! The weather was much better than we have experienced recently, sunny periods but with a crisp easterly wind blowing - just right to cool us down when working so hard. This was a very well attended session, perhaps because it was somewhere new to explore? I think the excellent photographs (thanks Sue!) show just how much was achieved on just one Wednesday morning. A big THANK YOU to the Woodland Trust who supplied all the tree "whips" that we planted in various locations around the site. They will help to make natural barriers around the boundary as well as creating screens for some of the less picturesque areas. 
A note to the residents of Hill House….. please remember to give the new plants and trees the occasional can of water - thank you.

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