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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wed 3rd Feb 2016 - Moor Wood (Sandpit Copse), Wootton. GG # 620.

Sue's Photographs.

The long trek….

Just some of the mud.

Hard at work.

Some of Team GG crossing "The Swamp"!

So many people…..

Just one of the many piles.

More mud.

Looking south and...

….then looking North - a good morning's work.

Mark's Photographs.

Having endured a somewhat bouncy ride down Knight's Cross lane and then found somewhere to park, it was a reasonably long "yomp" over fields and through woodlands to the work site at Moor Wood. The local wildlife must have been very amused to see us all trooping along, loaded with tools, tea-break supplies etc while climbing numerous stiles and trying to stop our wellies being sucked into the mud…! Our brief was to cut and pile as much of the willow and bramble as possible so, at a later date, cattle might be introduced to graze the whole area. This should keep further undergrowth to a minimum, thereby encouraging the woodland flowers to bloom. From our experience with the mud today, I hope the cattle are either water buffalo or regular cows with snow shoes…! Considering just how far we were off the beaten track, we had a really good turnout and there were many stacks of cuttings across the whole site by the end of the session. The weather was a vast improvement over last week's session (not difficult!) with sun and blue skies but a rather cutting North Westerly blowing - still very good for February. The trek back to the car parking area was "interesting" with various groups navigating their way back through the fields and woodland. Hopefully….. everyone made it back safe and sound???

Have a look at the GG Twitter site for photographs of the fungi that we found during this session.

For those who do not Tweet on Twitter (or whatever you say…!) here is a screen shot..

Many thanks to Sue and Mark for the photographs this week.

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