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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wed 10th Feb 2016 - Bouldnor Forest, Yarmouth. GG # 621.

Sue's Photographs.

The route march to get there...

Thank goodness for the quad, it made easy work
of getting the tools and tea equipment on site!

No shortage of gorse bushes to cut.

"Ladies and gentlemen….select your tools"

A nice view over Yarmouth.

The "enemy" so pretty but SO prolific.

One way of dealing with it.

Tea break time.

With all that smoke our clothes will never get moths…lol.

Well heather - now it's down to you…!!

Can it really be almost four years ago since we last visited this venue? For those who have short memories, then have a look at this link - to bring back recollections of the (in)famous "as dug" incident..!
Wed 6th June 2012 - Bouldnor Forest.
We mustered in the car park, eyes scanning to ensure that there wasn't a pile of the dreaded lurking anywhere… phew, all clear! With storm Imogen having blown through earlier in the week (96 mph winds at the Needles) the weather was really agreeable. A cool breeze blowing but the occasional patch of blue sky was letting the sun through - all the better for appreciating the stunning views, over the Solent, from our worksite of the day. We had climbed the rather steep, muddy hill from the car park area, up to an open field covered in gorse bushes. Our brief was very simple…. cut as much gorse as possible, drag it back to the bonfire and burn it…! This sort of task is music to the ears of a GGmer, the exact mission that we all excel at.
As shown in the photographs, the whole team were soon spread out along the track, hacking their way through the plentiful gorse. The plan is to give the heather, growing copiously under the gorse, a chance to become dominant and let the area return as it was previously - open meadow. Hopefully, cattle will be introduced to keep the undergrowth down in the future. Gorse is a difficult thing to deal with as it can be regarded as "nature's barbed wire" but we managed to clear a considerable area by the end of the session - so a pat on the back for all who attended.

Photographs were taken by Sue - thank you Sue.

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