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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wed 27th Jan 2016 - Castle Copse, East Cowes. GG # 619.

Sue's Photographs.

A selection of the items found on the litter-pick.
(The watering can and mooring buoy might have
been particularly handy for today's weather!)

This is part of the path we constructed - with the 
white water rapids running alongside.

Just one of the areas cleared.

Children! As if we weren't wet enough already.

Mark's Photographs.

Tending the shrubs we planted last year.

The path before….

and after we had started laying the crushed limestone.

Want a bit of advice for free…..? If you read a weather warning, like the one below, then DO NOT decide to ignore it and go along to a GG session anyway - you will get VERY WET…!!! Just ask the 15 of us who decided to do exactly that on this Wednesday morning.


Met Office Warnings Issued For:Isle of Wight 

  1. Yellow warning of rain 

    1000 on Wed 27 January
    1800 on Wed 27 January
    Updated  2 hours ago Active
    An area of rain will move southeastwards across southern England during Wednesday. Some locally heavy rainfall is possible and with this falling on saturated ground some localised flooding may occur. Southwesterly gales are likely along south coasts for a time.

    The day had started so well… with the programmed session at One Horse Field being cancelled (again!) we were diverted to Castle Copse in East Cowes. The above mentioned weather warning, plus having the car wipers on high speed, should have alerted us for what was coming next. In a nutshell, it just tipped it down from before we arrived and continued long after we finally gave up and went home.  We did managed to wheelbarrow two tonnes of limestone chippings, some distance up a muddy hill to repair the pathway, cut back some sycamore saplings, attack some bramble and do a litter pick before we gave in. Not bad at all - considering! At one stage, the water running down the hill was almost enough for us to float the empty barrows back down again ( well, a slight exaggeration there - but see the photographs above). 

    An extra special WELL DONE to all those who attended this weeks session!

    A quick message from Mark….

    These sessions which are challenging are always the most memorable aren't they.  It did sort of make one feel alive anyway. lol.  That's me looking on the bright side.  Well done to everyone though.  :-)

    Thanks for the photographs Sue and Mark, I hope the cameras survived?

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