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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wed 2nd Dec 2015 - West Wight Sports and Community Centre, Freshwater. GG # 613.

And the work gets underway….

Rather overgrown?

I am a GGmer…Get me out of here…!

Let's just dump it all on the next bus that comes along..

A short back and sides for sir?

I need a wheelbarrow or two…NOW!

Looking better.

Look what we discovered beneath all that undergrowth.

WOW…is that really the same hedge?

Looking good.

Just some of the trimmings.

The following thoughts ran through my mind as I drove out to West Wight…. Green Gym today, Hooray - It is raining, Boo hoo - It is at the Sports Centre rather than One Horse Field, Hooray - but we have to pay to park there, Boo hoo (and Grrr!) As I pulled up and reluctantly paid my £2:00 for two hours, the rain stopped and it stayed dry for the remainder of the session. Considering this was a "stand in" venue there was more than enough work for us to tackle…! The enclosures along the front of the building had become very overgrown since our last visit so these were treated to a VERY heavy haircut. Another team tackled the overgrown holly (and bramble) hedge leading up towards the main doors while others sorted the flower beds in the car parking area along with the hedging to the side and rear of the building. It was a really long haul for all the cuttings - so the baggers and wheelbarrowers were kept exceptionally busy clearing everything away and dumping it on the composting pile at the rear of the site. The tea, coffee and biscuits were supplied by the catering staff - a big thank you to them for looking after us so well. By the time our car parking tickets ran out, the whole site was looking particularly spick and span - well done everyone!

Thanks for the photographs Sue.

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