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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wed 14th Oct 2015 - Town Green Recreation Ground, Yarmouth. GG # 606.

A rather overgrown meadow…..

Save the teasels for the birds...

Above and below, part of the new pathways.

The cleared meadow area.

Nature Finds.

A baby goldfinch - found in an exhausted state - moved into a safe area to recuperate.

A Comma Butterfly that seemed attracted to Kevin's jeans…!

A Bright-line, Brown-eyed moth caterpillar.
(also known as the Tomato moth)

Wednesday morning started a bit on the cool side, due to a brisk easterly wind but the GG members who arrived wearing "three layers" were soon taking off the outer ones! The sun was shining and there was plenty for us to be getting on with as it had been some two years since we last visited this venue. The majority of the recreation ground is given over to a football pitch but we were tasked to work along the southern boundary - which has a patch of open natural meadow along with a rather overgrown copse. The team split into two basic working parties, one to give the meadow area a make-over and the second to try and cut some pathways through the woods. The summer growth and bramble was cut down before collecting it all into habitat piles plus areas that had become overgrown with bramble were trimmed back. Come next summer this should allow the wild flowers to thrive rather than the grass and weeds. The team cutting the pathways in the copse decided that it was best to start each path at either end and work towards each other. This sounds good in theory but when hacking your way through dense "jungle" it is easy to divert off course..! With lots of calls of "Over here..!" we managed to meet up each time and by the end of the session the copse had been opened up with several pathways criss crossing the whole area. We even managed to cut some steps into the steeper parts to make it easier for access. A well attended session that achieved an amazing amount in those few short hours - well done everyone!

Many thanks to Sue for the excellent photographs.

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