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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wed 19th Aug 2015 - Fort Victoria, Yarmouth. GG # 598.

Sue's Photographs.

The soggy BBQ.

With the summer months task of Pesky Plant Pulling now complete, our GG sessions will revert to maintaining the sites we frequent. This week we were back at a very old favourite, the wonderful country park out at Fort Victoria, doing a job that we seem to do a lot of, building pathways. The pathway we were working on was the one that runs along the southern most boundary - a relatively new access that we helped to cut from the undergrowth. The rangers had been kind enough to arrange pre-dumping for the piles of crushed limestone, so this considerably reduced the amount wheelbarrowing for us (thanks guys!). As can be seen from the photographs above, we had not forgotten how to compete with Island Roads. Perhaps it was the large number of GGmers attending or the fact that we were to have a BBQ on completion but the programmed work was completed in double quick time!

And so to the annual GG BBQ……. A glance at the photograph above will show that it was held in accordance with the UK summer, BBQ rules - in the pouring rain..! The work session was dry and overcast but soon after we started cooking the heavens opened and it poured down. Mention must be made of Steve and Mick, our two cooks, who valiantly battled at the grills in a vain attempt to keep the home fires burning. In spite of the inclement conditions, we did manage to tuck into anything that didn't need cooking even if it was whilst sheltering under umbrellas or a tree. A big thank you to everyone who brought along all that yummy food and if anyone wishes to purchase a job lot of venison burgers and sausages, at a knock down price, please contact Mark!

The eagle eyed ones reading this blog might have noticed the recent addition of a "session counter" in the blog title above (GG # ???). Not only does this make record keeping a bit easier, but shows that we are quickly approaching the six hundredth GG session. There is a rumour is that we will be getting cake on that day…? As a matter of interest, my blog counter indicates that this is my 496th GG blog, so will soon be going through the 500 barrier.

Many thanks to Sue for the photographs this week.

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