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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wed 13th May 2015 - Millennium Green, Ryde.

Our group gathered on the Green in the warm May sunshine, eager as ever to hear my words of encouragement (that's what I tell myself anyhow).  As we waited the boys and girls from the Isle of Wight Military Preparation College trooped by in camo fatigues!
We took off on a tour around this site, one we have worked at on many occasions over the years. As we went around so people latched on to suggested tasks and we dropped back to the van for the specific tool for the job. These included the removal of a small Hawthorn which was leaning across the bridle-path - the branches of which were used to top up the dead hedge. Others worked under the dappled shade of the woodland canopy selectively pruning back bramble and thinning some of the more abundant tree saplings which are growing away in what is a beautifully bio-diverse and evolving natural woodland under-story.  Among the tree species growing (interestingly all these are self sown) are Ash, Hazel, Spindle, Oak, Field Maple, Holly, Elm, Hawthorn, Bay and Blackthorn.
Back in 2008 we helped create the little clearing we now know as the butterfly meadow by clearing bramble and the regular work ever since to maintain this area has meant that the little area's wildflowers are very popular with invertebrates.  The Greens' regular volunteers have expanded this area over the Winter and so also we've today been helping with the glade's perimeter maintenance.  Thanks to Ian for joining us from the Play Lane Millennium Green

Many thanks to Sue for the photographs and Mark for the editorial.

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